Thursday, February 25, 2010

12 years from now

I went to my first support group meeting tonight and I felt so comfortable and understood. It was very small and intimate and one room over from the room where we had Drewbie's service at St. Peter's. On a side note, I need to blog about his memorial service and baptism. I got to meet a wonderfully honest woman who lost her twin girls 12 years ago in March. We talked and each told parts of our story and I think we both were comforted by each other. It was so nice to talk to someone face to face who has been through this hell. Neither of us cried...we just honestly talked about what is is to lose a child. We are going to meet on the last Thursday of every month and I really think I am going to look forward to each meeting.

After my meeting, I met Kent, Corinne and Austin at City Grocery to kick off my birthday weekend. We had an amazing dinner and wine and had a great time. I love my family and I am so lucky to be so wrapped up in their love. Thanks Corinne and Kent for filling my belly and my heart!

The past couple of days at work have been great. Brenda, my new first assistant stared on Monday and has completely rocked my world! She has not only picked up the job super quickly, but she has filled a much needed void left by my Spamantha. I am not by myself at work much at all anymore and I have really enjoyed getting to know a new friend. She asks questions about my boy and lets me talk about him like he's just my son...not my dead son. I love her and I hope she is enjoying the job as much as I am enjoying her having it.

This weekend should be interesting. Momma and Daddy are coming up to help me celebrate my birthday. I hope I don't totally fall apart and cry in my room all weekend. Say a tiny prayer for me.


  1. Let me be the first to extend to you the complete free pass to cry in your room all weekend. If so needed, we will simply hang out in the kitchen with the party to be taken in small, palatable doses or swallowed whole in old Lindsey fashion. You are my very favorite. I've just spent an hour looking up yummy breakfast places in NYC. I know you like a good breckie breck.

  2. First of all...I am so happy about your support group!!!!!!!Second, can't wait to see you and my precious family this weekend!!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...I will be saying BIG prayers for you all weekend...

    love, sarah