Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I'm so happy staying home with these babies that it's borderline obnoxious. I was made for this. My kids are thriving...the best parts of them are bubbling to the surface and I love being there to see every new discovery. I've been home for about 6 weeks and we're settling in so nicely. We've got a pretty good routine down. I do feel a little isolated and I think we need to make some stay at home momma and kid friends. Hopefully, once school is totally back in session, we'll find a few groups to involve ourselves in. It's really hard to break into a new social group. By nature, I have a tendency to stay within my comfort zone but, for the sake of the kids, I know I need to branch out.

We had a meeting today to begin Thomas' transition out of the early intervention speech program. He's a totally different child than he was when we first began the program last winter. We met with the director of the program today who hasn't seen us since last December. The last time she saw us was quite possibly the worst moment in my parenting live children history. Thomas had had his eval to determine his immediate needs. He was pretty grouchy and noncompliant during the eval and ended it with tears and wails all down the hallway of the office. He was so out of control that day. The director, who had to help me forcibly put him in his carseat, counseled me as I cried and cried in the parking lot. She knows all about Andrew and finally told me that Thomas needed more discipline and a little less love. She knew that my grief was totally stopping me from really parenting Thomas in the way that was best for him. I heard the voice I needed to hear that day and our parenting techniques have totally changed. When Thomas walked cheerfully and obediently into her office today, the look on her face was priceless. I couldn't be prouder of the smart, vocal, happy boy that lives in my house. He is still headstrong and willful, but he's respectful and full of life.

My sweet Susie is becoming more and more of a toddler every day. I feel like she was a little baby for such a short time. Maybe it is because she is our last, or maybe it is because we are so much busier now than we were with Thomas, but her life is flying by! She is so so close to walking and has taken several steps. She still doesn't trust her legs so there is a fair amount of falling and shrieking. Oh, the shrieking! She has most definitely discovered her voice and she loves to use it! She says mama and dada and waves and says byebye. She loves her brother and wants everything that is his. The fights have been epic these days, but sister is persistent and brother is mostly gentle. The planning has begun for her first birthday. I've gotta get busy sewing and crafting. I love to party plan and little sister's party may be over the top.