Tuesday, December 1, 2009

False Alarm

We started the castor oil yesterday at 2:45. I finished up my last dose around 5:00. Austin and I played cards while we waited for it to kick in. I started having pretty good regular contractions around 6:30 right around the time the castor oil started doing its job. Shelley and Donnie came over around 7:00 and we played dominoes and talked through my contractions. I called Corinne and Melissa (midwife) at 7:30 because they were getting much closer together, stronger, and more consistent. They told me to put my feet up and get some rest. I climbed into bed while Austin showered and cleaned up around the house. I tried to sleep but mainly just watched TV and rested. I took a warm bath to help with my back pain and that helped some. I kept having strong contractions until around 1:30. They picked up pretty good at that point so I called Corinne and Melissa to come on over. Corinne got here pretty immediately to check my blood pressure and Andrew's heart beat. Andrew's heart rate was good but my blood pressure was high since Corinne took it mid-contraction. We laid around for awhile until I got too uncomfortable to lay in the bed. We came into the den and Austin fixed me a snack. Melissa got here around 3:00 and checked my blood pressure again which had come down considerably. We labored in the den for awhile longer and then Melissa decided to check me to see how far along I was. Since they were coming one on top of another and were really strong, I figured I was much further along than I actually was. I was still only 1 1/2 cm dialated. Super discouraging. I was having such strong contractions because of the castor oil and all of the crazy back labor since Andrew is posterior. They sent us to bed to rest since it looked like we may be in for a long night. Austin of course slept like a baby and I absolutely did not. Being in the bed felt terrible in any position I got in because my back hurt so bad with every contraction. I tried to sleep in the tub, but gave up and got back in the bed. I finally got to sleep around 7:30 and rested until 9:45. They came in periodically to check Andrew's heart rate and he was perfect every time. Melissa checked me again and I had progressed a little since she checked me last but not very much. We woke up to start our day and to see what moving around would do to my contractions. I showered and Melissa and I decided that I should just go on with my day like I normally would. Austin and I went to eat lunch and we walked around the block with Ramsey. My contractions tapered off enough to let me sleep and when I woke up, they had stopped altogether.

SO...that is where we are now. I guess that little Andrew realized that he needed to turn around before he could be safely born. We are hoping for some more action in the next couple of days. We are going to Southaven tomorrow for one last ultrasound to check on our boy. I feel much more relaxed and okay with the wait now. We have basically one more week to try to do this at home so pray for little Andrew's quick arrival.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Today is the day...we try to drag this kiddo out with a little castor oil. I don't think its going to be pretty but we'll see.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My backwards kiddo

We went to Memphis today for our 40+ week midwife visit. Good news...my blood pressure has come down and I am not spilling any protein or any other bad stuff! However, my precious boy apparently ran out of room and has found a more comfortable position...a posterior one. That means that his back is facing my back and if he stays that way would be born face up and not looking at the floor like he is supposed to. A posterior baby/birth causes a lot more back labor for momma and a generally longer, more unpleasant labor. WooHoo! I do have some instructions on what I can do to help him turn back into a better position so hopefully I can do that before I go into labor. The plans are to either have a baby by Monday afternoon or do a castor oil induction late Monday afternoon. The castor oil usually does the trick on overdue mommas but if it doesn't work, then we have another appointment in Memphis on Wednesday. They would send us for an ultrasound before our appointment to make sure he is still doing okay, fluid levels are good and stuff like that.

So, how am I processing all of this? After moping and crying most of the way home from Memphis, I have come to terms with still being pregnant. There is an end in sight and I do realize that in a very short while I will be holding my sweet son. I wanted to be pregnant for a very long time and I have gotten my wish...I have been pregnant for a VERY LONG TIME and I am determined not to be so whiney about it anymore. I am going to fill the next few days with fun things like decorating for Christmas, enjoying Thanksgiving with my friends and family, and making a small trip to Hallmark to buy Andrew his first Christmas ornament.

We'll let you know when we have a kid.

Friday, November 20, 2009

SO...I made it long enough to go see New Moon tonight! I appreciate little Andrew for letting me have one last fling with Edward before I become a momma. I heard its not the best movie ever but I kind of expected that...I'll let you know what I think.

My favorite sister woke me up at 7:12 this morning to tell me that I had to go take her place at LaRousse to get my hair did. Thanks for having a headache Corinne! Now I am cute and don't have janksy eyebrows! My favorite part was the scalp massage...so nice.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hopefully our last visit

We went to Memphis today for what could potentially be our last visit until little Andrew arrives. We had our usual standing appointment at 11:00 and we were actually on time today! The clinic is at the very tippy top of several flights of stairs which are super uncomfortable to climb whilst one is having contractions! We got a great report...I only gained one pound and he still has plenty of room to swim around in there. Austin got to feel his head and got a little lesson in midwifery. I am progressing slowly. As of now, I am just beginning to dilate and I am 50% effaced. We are looking at a least a few more days if not a week. Apparently the Kelly girls have comfortable wombs.

I am trying to wait patiently for this kiddo but I am having trouble. I think if I could just relax and enjoy these last days of no-kid-dom then maybe it would speed things along. I told Austin today that we should really shouldn't rush it and concentrate on enjoying this last week since it would never be just us again. He said that we have had 7 whole years and that he didn't think that was rushing anything! I am going to go to Walmart tomorrow to find something crafty to do to occupy my time...maybe I'll cross-stitch something. I'll post pictures if I do anything spectacular.