Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Momma 365

I started a new life today. Yesterday was my last day of work for a year...staying home full time with Thomas and Suzanne. I feel so happy yet so sad to leave my work behind. Luckily, I am fortunate to co-own LuLu's with my lovely sister (who is taking on a huge task of mostly running the store alone for a year) and I can pop in and out when I need a little retail therapy. I'll still go to market and will help with inventory stuff, but I won't really have any daily responsibilities. What a fantastic setup, huh?! I'm hoping to sort of chronicle the year here with our daily doings...I want my kids, who will mostly not remember this year, to have some sort of record of this time. I'm so thankful for and terrified of this venture. I hope to learn to trust myself as a parent; that I am in fact the best person for them to be with all of the time. Today was lovely, we started it off with a visit from Lulu and Mimi, who came up to surprise me at the LuLu's surprise going away party. I straightened up a bit while Susie napped, and then we all headed off to the park. We swung "super high" and played until everyone was crazy sweaty. Then we met Aunt Corinne at The Blind Pig for lunch. Super nice time. Back home to nap. Thomas is having tons of issues with sleeping. To be blunt, he's taking his pull up or underwear off and peeing everywhere in the hopes that I will let him get up. Wrong kiddo...all that earns you is a soggy sleep. I guess persistence and a little tough love will nip it in the bud. Either that or he'll start sleeping in the yard. I'm not above either. So, here's to the next year. I'm so incredibly excited.