Saturday, March 6, 2010

You lucky girl

I am re-reading one of my favorite books. I haven't read it in several years so it feels new to me all over again...especially since I am a mother now. It is called "The Red Tent" and it is a must read for every woman. It tells the story of Dinah and her four "mothers." I won't summarize it...just read it. One quote in particular seems so true of my life right now. One of the main character is giving birth with her sisters surrounding her and her midwife says this:

"You lucky girl," Inna said to Leah, who by then did not feel the least bit lucky. "Look at the royal throne of sisters you have."

My "sisters" know who they are. My actual sister, Corinne, is obviously included. I am smack dab in the middle of a major shitstorm and I am surrounded by this royal throne of sisters. They do everything but braid my hair every time I am near them and I am pretty sure they would do that if I would let them. I am in awe of the deep love that my girls have shown me. I feel so comfortable and snuggled up by these sweet, tenderhearted friends who don't even have to care but do anyway. They let me talk and talk and talk about Drew and life after him and they never seem annoyed by my complete self absorbtion. (I don't think that's a word.) They don't expect me to be the same woman I was before my son and I don't have to pretend to be. I am completely me around these women and I don't know if they realize how blessed I feel to know them. Thank you ladies for your friendship and love . It is truly appreciated.

In other news, half of our best friendy couple is leaving tomorrow for almost a year. He is in the Coast Guard and is being deployed overseas. He will be on the coast for several months before he actually ships out, but he will be much farther than just across the street. I hope we can love his sweet wife up enough while he is gone. She is somewhat of a needy sort (love you snoop) so we will need to take good care of her while he is gone. Pray for them over the next's gonna be a rough one.

I am making really good progress on Drewber's scrapbook. I am having a lot of fun doing it and it has been really theraputic. I kinda feel like I am getting to relive his life all over again. I will post pictures of my favorite pages soon. He would have been three months old today. Its seems like three years and then it seems like three hours. I miss him so much. What I wouldn't give to rub his cheeks or kiss his sweet fat thighs. Precious boo.


  1. I love the inside of those thighs. I think you should make a scrapbook page about them. I have a few ideas for Shelley, too. You do have braidable hair, too.

  2. His Mimi loved those sweet fat thighs ,too. I miss that fat baby boy!