Friday, March 19, 2010

send this one back

It's been three months today since our Andrew died. I was remembering this morning something that Austin said to me late one night when we still thought Drew was going to pull through. (My grandfather, who I was very very close to, passed away several years ago. He always called me Suzanne and he was like a second father to me.) Austin said that when Drew was born and almost died, he thought maybe his soul went to heaven for a minute and Papaw saw him and said, "Nope, you gotta send this one back. He's Suzanne's and he can't come yet. Suzanne and AC need him." They did send him back for thirteen of the most wonderful days I have spent on this earth. And I am sure Papaw was waiting on the bench for Andrew when he got there again.

I miss you sweetest boy. Your momma is trying to live without you but its so hard. Have fun with Papaw...I sure did.


  1. We raked papaws leaves this morning and I thought of both of them.

  2. My sweet daddy has already spoiled one precious angel in heaven.