Monday, November 8, 2010

thanks a lot ben folds

I'm out of waterproof eyeliner...and its an issue. Went to the bank this morning for the store and while I was parking to go back inside, a Ben Folds song came on called "Still Fighting It." He's singing it to his son...all about the little things they do on a day to day basis and how maybe in 20 years they'll have a beer and talk about all of those insignificant days. total mess of a breakdown in my car + non-waterproof eyeliner = puffy eyed, midnight blue streaky faced Lindsey for the rest of the day. nice.

So the first round of Clomid didn't work. I'm on cycle day 7 so only two more days of Clomid 100mg. I go in next Monday for an ultrasound to see what's going on. We'll see...I'm not holding my breath.

We've rounded the corner and in less than a month, my Andrew would have been one year old. It doesn't seem real that its been almost a year.


  1. ((hugs)) those rough moments are so difficult. I know what you mean about the waterproof mascara, it's all I wear now! I don't dare go without these days. Thinking of you and sending love and hope for strength.

  2. It's always the unexpected things that catch you off guard....I've been thinking about you guys lots in this time coming up to one year.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping the clomid works.
    Much love to you