Sunday, October 9, 2011

Momma's big boy

So, I'm technically 37 weeks pregnant today. Dr. Dulaney thinks we might have had my due date wrong from the start. She thinks my EDD might have been more like October 24 rather than October 31 which would put me at 38 weeks today. But, since Halloween is a much cooler due date, we're going with that one. Plus, it's not super cool in Doctor Land to change a due date so late in the game. We went for our first weekly doctor visit two weeks ago and did an ultrasound to see how much he is estimated to weigh. Its not super accurate, but it's pretty darn close. Most babies at 35 weeks weigh around 5 pounds. My sweet babe weighed in at 8 pounds 1 ounce. Holy geez. He has consistently measured around 2 weeks ahead, but we are talking HUGE baby here! I've been on a super restricted no sugar, really low carb diet since then. I have lost a few pounds and hopefully Thomas hasn't gained much. I don't know how he got so big...I have only gained about 25 pounds which is less than I gained with Andrew. I don't have gestational diabetes, I'm not fact, I think I still look pretty great. I apparently have just grown a middle linebacker who will hopefully buy Momma and Daddy a condo on the beach one day with his cushy NFL salary. We go again this Thursday to check his weight again and to make sure he's still happy in there. I'm hoping for no more than 9 pounds this week and for maybe a 9.5 pounder at birth. I can do that...big brother was 8 pounds 10 ounces and my body weathered the storm quite well. Any more than 9.5 scares me to death! We're going to keep on with the biophysical profiles each week just to make sure he stays happy in there. If he shows any signs of stress, she's sending us across the street to the hospital to get him out. We should have a baby by the 24th or 25th at the very latest. She said that she isn't comfortable with me going past that knowing what happened last time. Or NOT knowing exactly what happened last time, I should say.

I'm ready for this babycakes to be here. Our family needs a little pop of happy right now. We're all getting used to Kent, my sister's husband, not being around. He left last Saturday to begin his deployment. He's safe in Texas right now and he'll hopefully get a pass sometime in November to come home for a few days before leaving for overseas. He'll get to meet my Thomas, but more importantly, he'll be able to snuggle his own wonderful family for a few days. The kids and Corinne are doing well...staying strong, making Dad proud. I know there will be some rough moments, weeks, months, but for now, we're just enjoying the calm. I'm proud of my tough, strong family. We seem to be made of some pretty strong stuff.

In other news, my husband has threatened to stop sleeping in the same bed with me if I don't agree to turn the ceiling fan off at night. He's gotten sick because he says "you could hang meat in our room" at night. Yeah, yeah, it's kinda cold. We figured out a way to make us both happy. He'll leave the thermostat alone if I'll turn the fan off. I said I'd agree to turn the fan off if he'd rig me up my own personal fan. So last night we tried this out:

my own personal "pregnant lady" fan propped up on my headboard. Yay...we both win!

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