Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pieces of him

My family attended Charles and Lu's Christmas pageant tonight at their church...the church where, three years ago, Andrew's memorial service was held. Thomas was antsy so we left the service to listen from the hallway. The hallway looks out onto the courtyard where the remains of past church members are buried. It's a peaceful place where we once thought of putting Andrew's ashes, where the ashes of a friends twin baby girls rest. Thinking of Andrew, I lit a candle and said a quick prayer for my beautiful boy. Immediately after, I noticed a book enclosed in glass. It is turned to 2009, the year Andrew lived and died. I then saw his beautiful name. I sometimes feel so removed, so distant from him. I feel like he was there with me tonight, giving me peace. Thanks for the nudge, baby. Momma loves you.

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