Sunday, September 19, 2010

sweet little boo

Its been 9 whole months since my Drewber died...NINE. I'm not sure why that seems significant to me. I guess its because of the whole pregnant for 9 months thing...well 9 months in most cases. I'm a marathoner. I could have grown another brother or sister by now, but we all know that hasn't happened.

Sweet little boo, I miss you with every breath I take. Thank you for still visiting me every now and again in my dreams. You are all momma ever wanted and I still feel you so strongly. I wish I could hold you and love you and teach you about the world. I wish you could know your cousins who still think about you every day. I don't think they understand how this all could have really happened but they still find ways to make sure you are remembered. I'm so sorry this happened to us...I would do anything, give anything to have stopped it. I'm trying to make sure that I don't become a bitter, sad woman old before her time because of this. I know you would be so sad if I gave in completely to this awful emptiness. I only feel whole again when I am with your daddy in our house, especially in your room. I feel normal there, like I fit. Your room is still peaceful and warm...hopefully I'll be rocking your brother or sister in there one day soon. I love you sweetest boy. Thanks for spending as much time with us as your little body would allow. We are forever thankful for every second. Thank you for teaching me how to be a fighter, how to be strong, how to love, how to grieve, how to have courage. Thank you for making me realize how beautiful your father is straight to his core. Thank you for everything I learned about the world, about myself. You are always with me precious boy.


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  1. ohhhh my sweet Lindsey. I miss you. I think about you soooo much. I know we arent long time friends but you have touched my heart in so many just couldnt imagine. Thank you for being so sweet and how you always ask about me and give me a great big hug. I should be the one giving you the hug and asking about you!!!! I wish I could be there for you to just hug you while you tell me all your stories and feelings. I am here any time if you just want to have a few glasses of wine and hang out. I miss your stories and u telling me your feelings on Maurices Monday mornings :)They truely made me see life in a different way and appreciate my blessings so much more.

    And to precious Andrew Edward didnt only impact your amazing mother and fathers life but soooooo many others as well. Thankyou for making me appreciate life and my sweet baby girl even more than I did before you entered into this world. oh yeah by the way, I am sure you already know but you are blessed with the best mommy in the world. She is so strong and brave and filled with more love than most.

    Brenda Faye