Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hopefully our last visit

We went to Memphis today for what could potentially be our last visit until little Andrew arrives. We had our usual standing appointment at 11:00 and we were actually on time today! The clinic is at the very tippy top of several flights of stairs which are super uncomfortable to climb whilst one is having contractions! We got a great report...I only gained one pound and he still has plenty of room to swim around in there. Austin got to feel his head and got a little lesson in midwifery. I am progressing slowly. As of now, I am just beginning to dilate and I am 50% effaced. We are looking at a least a few more days if not a week. Apparently the Kelly girls have comfortable wombs.

I am trying to wait patiently for this kiddo but I am having trouble. I think if I could just relax and enjoy these last days of no-kid-dom then maybe it would speed things along. I told Austin today that we should really shouldn't rush it and concentrate on enjoying this last week since it would never be just us again. He said that we have had 7 whole years and that he didn't think that was rushing anything! I am going to go to Walmart tomorrow to find something crafty to do to occupy my time...maybe I'll cross-stitch something. I'll post pictures if I do anything spectacular.

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  1. Why don't you drag it over here and watch Law and Order while I sew your daygown tomorrow AM?